Body Worn CCTV

Introducing the GPP-M9: Our new body worn CCTV camera

BodyworncctvBoasting a whole host of new advanced features its one of the most advanced Body worn cameras  on the market today.

The GPP-M9 offers full 1080p HD recording, 140 degree wide angle lens, 32 GB built in memory, over 10 hours record time, Auto night vision, pre-record and much more.

Body worn cameras are becoming an essential tool in whats known in the industry as front-line work, such as Policing, Security services and lone workers to name a few.

Why Use aBody Worn Camera

Independent studies have shown that the use of body worn cameras can reduce incidents and risks by over 50%. In addition to this employee and public behavior improves along with a reduction in complaints and false accusations.


  • 10 hours + recording  with a single charge at 480p resolution.
  • 7 hours + recording with a single charge at 720p resolution.
  • 32gb built-in hard drive.
  • IP67 rated.
  • Charging dock.
  • Night vision IR diodes for night time recording.
  • Built in LED lights allowing the unit to be used as a torch.
  • Red laser in front of the unit for tagging.
  • HDMI output
  • Audio record button.
  • 2.5″ LCD Display
  • Click fast compatible

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