Android Data Collector App

Android Data Collector App

In addition to our standalone GPP Patrol Management Software and PC based Cloud options, we are pleased to announce the launch of our Android WM Collector App, for our MiniTool Pro Touch and MiniTool Pro X1 RFID range of Data readers which allows Data to be uploaded to our Cloud Server via an Android based mobile phone or tablet that supports an OTG port (standard on most Android devices).

Our new WM Collector App will enable you to upload the patrol and event data remotely from your site(s) without the data reader having to be returned to the control room or your HQ for download. As soon as the Data is uploaded you can securely log-in to your Cloud account and configure your Checkpoints, Guards, Events and Plans as you would do with our Standalone GPP Patrol Management software.

The Data Collector app is simply installed on your staff members phone, add your account number and the IP address in Settings, and you are ready to go.

When a Data download is required, the operator simply touches the “Read Record” Button and data is transferred to the phone.

Being a smart application, the WM Collector App runs in the background only launching when a device is connected. The uploaded data can be selected and transferred to the online server for storage.

The Data is stored on our remote UK based server meaning that we maintain the hardware and backup the information, so you have no worries about maintaining expensive hardware or losing data.

Please note:

All Data collected by our Cloud options is held securely in our own UK based server ensuring all the collected information stays within the UK boundaries.

Android WM Data Collector App

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