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All workplaces have a moral and a legal obligation to ensure that everyone associated with the establishment, whether employee, volunteer, student, tradesperson visitor, or resident, is fully protected from any personal, physical, and/or emotional harm, either on the premises or when engaged in activities relating to the establishment.

Typical areas of concern are fire safety, health and safety, food safety, personal safety, cleaning, security, and protection of an individual.

Every care home owes its residents a duty of care and is obliged to consider what they are required to do to encompass the broad range of services that a nursing home may provide.  The facility is also required to provide competent staff, safe equipment, and safe premises.

So if you are providing care to the highest standard and following all of the various health care guidelines and an incident occur or a complaint is made, how can you accurately prove that your staff was performing their duties correctly and that you have fulfilled your duty of care obligations?

Handwritten reports are widely seen as no longer providing enough evidence to confirm that someone was where they said they were and when due to the fact they can be composed at any time.

Our proof of presence systems uses an electronic data collection device to record when your staff member visits a resident, to record the actions that they take and to record any process undertaken like a firewalk, checks for spillages in public areas (to minimize slip injuries) and when areas are cleaned. All of these duties can be substantiated for evidential purposes at the click of a button on a computer keyboard, to produce an unalterable “Proof of Presence” report for the time period associated with the incident or complaint and which confirms staff presence, the action taken and the processes undertaken.

Proof of Presence management solutions have been used by numerous Care and Healthcare settings over recent years to provide protection for their residents, employees, visitors, and property. Health and safety teams can be provided with detailed reports at the touch of a button in areas such as:

  • Incident Reporting
  • Care Home Duty of Care support and monitoring
  • Fire Watch Reporting
  • Cleaning operative tasks and activity recording
  • Equipment Maintenance Records
  • Substantiating Work Records
  • Security Patrol Monitoring

As a management tool, our Proof of Presence solutions can efficiently supervise and monitor all collected data in one easy-to-access place. The in-built report generator can be used to analyze the data, create reports that can be printed, exported to Excel, viewed on screen, or saved to PDF and emailed to management.

With a complete range of solutions from a standalone computer to a cloud-based system with manual data collection or real-time collection via GPRS or Wi-Fi and a choice of checkpoint technologies, we have solutions that fit any organization or environment.

If you require any advice regarding the most suitable and cost-effective solution to meet your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced staff who will be pleased to assist you. We can also provide tender responses and, if required, attend the site to perform a full site survey.

Sales and technical support is available to assist you with any hardware or software enquiries from 08:30 to 17:30, Monday to Friday, and is free of charge.

We also provide Hotline telephone support and a ‘no cost’ remote online facility to assist when setting up. This can be used for troubleshooting, providing additional training, software demonstrations, and ongoing customer support. This is a free service for our customers during normal business hours.

To find out more about our Care Management solutions, please don’t hesitate to Get in Touch

Guard Patrol Products

Give us a call today on 0800 817 4259 and one of our team will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and advise you on the most suitable options available to you.

Guard Patrol Products

Give us a call today on 0800 817 4259 and one of our team will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and advise you on the most suitable options available to you.

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