Are you the responsible person for ensuring fire safety in a hotel, high rise residential tower block or a public building and are currently employing fire wardens? If the answer is ‘Yes’ and you would like to avoid reports of fire marshals being asleep whilst on duty, like the article from The Times news paper then the Minitool Pro Patrol Monitoring System can help!

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Our Fire Warden Patrol system is designed for Fire Watch, Fire equipment checking and Fire Patrol reporting especially for Hotels and Apartment blocks.

As you may be aware, the daily tasks of the fire marshal include the following routine activities:

  • Regularly checking that fire exits and escape routes are not blocked. This includes opening fire doors to make sure there are no obstructions outside.
  • Checking that the fire extinguishers haven’t been moved and that their servicing is up to date.
  • Making sure nothing is covering any emergency exit break glass or fire alarm call point.
  • Guarding against the accumulation of rubbish. A combustible fire risk.
  • Regularly checking that emergency lighting is working (inside and outside the building).
  • Checking fire and disaster alarms weekly.
  • Carrying out periodic inspections to ensure that all parts of the premises are safe.
  • Before locking up at night, make sure that there are no obvious dangers left behind and that no combustible material is lying around and all doors and windows are securely fastened.

If you would like a system that can monitor your fire wardens to ensure that all fire warden patrols are performed on time, that all relevant locations are visited and that a record is kept of all actions and incidents plus management reports that can provide statistical information on patrol performance, then the Minitool Pro Patrol Monitoring system will fulfil your needs.

The Minitool Pro system can also be configured to record weekly, quarterly, half yearly and annual checks or services of your fire alarm system. Generating unalterable reports that identify who performed the task, the actual location or system component that was checked or serviced, a description of the task and a date and time stamp to confirm when the check or service was performed.

How it works Initially locations or fire alarm system components are identified by a Touch Button that can be mounted to a wall, door frame or system component using a number of different fixing options. This device is hermetically sealed, made from stainless steel, is very robust and contains a unique serial number that is registered in the MiniTool Pro Software’s database with an appropriate description, e.g Main Lobby, Reception Fire Exit, Ballroom Emergency Call Point, etc. These serial numbers are read via the MiniTool Pro data reader that can store up to 60000 readings all with a date time stamp. An event book or multiple event books, that contains ten Touch Buttons can then be registered in the database with pre-defined descriptions of tasks or actions that are routinely carried out by the Fire Marshall, e.g. Pass, Fail, Obstruction, Obstruction Removed, etc. Personnel Touch Buttons can also be used to identify staff members who use the MiniTool Pro Data reader.

A typical patrol would start with the fire warden registering his or her Personnel Tag on the MiniTool Pro Data reader, e.g. telling the system who is using the reader. The fire marshal then visits a location within the building or a specific system component and reads the Touch Button that is being used to identify it. The system automatically records the date and time of this reading. A pre defined task or action can now be read from the event book. We now know who performed the task, at what time and date, the location they visited or system component they checked along with the task or action performed.

At the end of the patrol, the MiniTool Pro Data reader is connected to the management computer via a USB data transfer cable and the recorded information is transferred into the Patrol Management software’s database. This data forms a chronological log of the serial numbers, that the system then associates with their registered descriptions, to form meaningful reports that have been tailored to you hotel, tower block or public building. A selection of predefined reports can then be used to analyse the stored data. A sample Excel report is detailed below:

Minitool Pro Touch Starter Kit (GPPSKES1)

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