Active View – The WEB Based Management and Monitoring Portal for Active Track

Active View

General Description

Active View is a web-based management portal that facilitates the rapid deployment of Active Track. Once you have an account then you can start managing your clients. You can configure your Active Track Devices, the staff who use them, and the companies and sites they serve.

The “Man Down” operational parameters are configured prior to despatch and define what conditions result in a Man Down alarm and identify the mobile telephone that is to receive SMS alarm messages and is typically a mobile phone located in a security control room.

Active View monitors all of the events and alarm messages generated by each Active Track device in real-time. An email notification capability allows alarm messages to be forwarded to management for immediate action.

Active Track’s ability to read RFID Tags (Checkpoints) also opens numerous ‘Proof of Presence’ applications. This would enable a checkpoint read or sequence of checkpoint reads to be used to confirm that a staff member has attended the site if a patrol has been completed correctly, if certain areas have been cleaned regularly or if maintenance checks have been performed. The options are truly numerous.

An integrated report generator is available to analyze stored information that is held within the system. A report scheduler can also be used to send reports to management or clients automatically on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Main Information About Active View:

  • No IT infrastructure or Static Public IP address needed.
  • Fast deployment.
  • Supports multiple internet browsers.
  • Uses Google Maps.
  • Multi-level user access.
  • Real-time monitoring including connection status, battery level indication, and GSM signal strength.
  • Map Preview showing Active Track’s current and historical position.
  • Alarm events processed in real-time
  • Easy to use user interface.

Main Features:

  • Flexible patrol route setup.
  • Preview current GPS position on Google Maps.
  • Preview route on the map
  • Maintain basic staff records.

Notifications and Reports:

  • SMS and Email notifications of alarms.
  • Powerful report generator for management reports in CSV format.
  • Email-based report scheduler.
  • Import and export functionality to and from Active View.
  • Visual and audio notification of new alarms.

Time and Attendance Functionality:

  • Workforce details – information of guards currently on duty.
  • Employee identification by RFID cards (right person/ right place/ right time).

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