Active Track – Real-Time Guard Monitoring System

Two Way Voice Communications, Live GPS Tracker, Lone Worker, and “Proof of Presence” in a single device. Plus Real-time alarm and event reporting via ACTIVE VIEW.

Active Track

ACTIVE TRACK – The real-time guard monitoring system, is a handheld easy to use device designed for two-way voice communications, GPS tracking, lone worker protection, and proof of presence reporting, with all events and alarms monitored in real-time via a cloud-based web portal called ACTIVE VIEW which is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Active View

In addition to ACTIVE VIEW web-based reporting ACTIVE TRACK can send SMS text messages regarding GPS position, Panic, or Man down alarms to a designated mobile telephone, e.g. in a control room. Email alerts can also be sent to a manager or supervisor informing them that a member of staff has not arrived on-site or if the patrol has not been started or completed.

Key Features of Active Track

ACTIVE TRACK incorporates a quad-band GSM/GPRS voice-enabled modem that we fit with a special roaming SIM (optional) that attaches to the strongest mobile signal in your local area. It includes a fixed allowance for Voice, SMS text, and data usage. The mobile number associated with the SIM card allows ACTIVE TRACK to accept incoming telephone calls (with options to restrict). The integrated “Call Me” button allows the operative to request a call back via a message in the ACTIVE VIEW web portal. The same button can also be used to call a designated number in an emergency. A feature that keeps call costs to a minimum and avoids the type of abuse that is often associated with Smart Phone use.

Live GPS Tracking

ACTIVE TRACK has an embedded GPS receiver that allows it to be tracked outside using standard satellite-based positioning technology. When inside advanced AGPS technology, which is based on triangulation information from cell towers is used to supplement the satellite-based information to allows the device to be tracked inside rooms (in most cases). A GPS button on the device can also be used to send an SMS text message to a designated mobile telephone with co-ordinates that can be used to locate the device on Google Maps.

Lone Worker Protection

  • Panic Alarm ACTIVE TRACKS integrated Panic button can be used to request urgent assistance via a direct message to the ACTIVE VIEW web portal or via an SMS text message to a designated mobile phone. This message can also include the last known coordinates of the device when activated that can be used to display the device’s location on Google Maps.
  • Man Down Alarm ACTIVE TRACK incorporates an accelerometer that monitors the orientation and movement of the device continuously and any deviation from pre-programmed parameters, e.g. no activity for 15 minutes or the device remains in a horizontal position for too long, will automatically initiate an SMS Man Down alarm that can be sent to a designated mobile phone with the last known GPS coordinates for the device. A direct alarm will also appear in ACTIVE VIEW.

Proof of Presence Reporting

ACTIVE TRACK incorporates an RFID reader that can be used to read RFID checkpoints that can be named and placed around a customer site to help identify locations that require regular checks. By activating the Read Checkpoint button the checkpoint will be read immediately and its assigned name will appear in the ACTIVE VIEW event log in real-time.

The ACTIVE VIEW web portal has been designed to allow the system administrator a great deal of flexibility. They can create multiple companies. Each company can have multiple sites and each site can have multiple checkpoints. When checkpoints are registered they are named and assigned to a specific site. Multiple Tours can be created that define a set of rules that state when each site and checkpoint must be visited. You can also specify the order and time range for these visits and if any exceptions occur, these can be reported to a manager via email or alarm message in ACTIVE VIEW. Completed Patrol reports can also be emailed to a manager, supervisor, or client via an easy-to-use report scheduler.

Geo-Fencing also allows a specific geographic area to be defined for a specific ACTIVE TRACK device that will result in alarm if the device goes outside of the specified area.

All the advanced features described above are provided in a handheld purpose-built case that is extremely rugged and is both shockproof and waterproof. The battery cover tamper and impact detection facility help limit vandalism by disgruntled personnel who just do not want to be monitored! And ACTIVE VIEW real-time monitoring of the battery charge and mobile signal strength enhances the operational performance of this truly advanced Two-Way Voice, Personal GPS, Lone Worker, and Proof of Presence real-time monitoring solution.

If you would like a trial of the system or would like further information, please do not hesitate to call our sales team on 0800 8174259.

Operating Diagram

Active View

Detailed Specification

Active Track with RFID reader

Reader type Proximity RFID
Frequency and standard 125kHz, unique
RFID read-out distance 3-4cm (depends on transponder type)
GSM module U-Blox Leon G-100 (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
GPS module  
Channels 50 channel u-blox 6 engine
A-GPS online/offline support YES
Position accuracy < 2,5 m
TTFF hot start acquisition time < 1 s average
TTFF cold start acquisition time < 27 s average
Electrical characteristics  
Power supply 5V/1A
Power socket Standardised Micro USB type B plug
Battery Li-Polymer, 2400 mAh
Battery working time after charging 24 hours
Casing protection rating IP67
Physical characteristics  
Dimensions (HxWxT) 121x60x30 mm
Housing The waterproof and shock-resistant housing
Weight 150g (GPS device) 30g (charger)
Motion sensor 3-axis motion sensor (accelerometer)
Interfaces & general features Internal speaker and microphone
4 buttons for easy operating
Ambient operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C
Based on durability-assumptions for Active Guard
Data transmission via GPRS (TCP, IP), SMS to OSM.2007
Voice call
Silent call
Remote administration & firmware update
Configuration Local: PC through RS232 link (LX cable and AGP3 programmer required)
Remote: via GPRS, SMS, CSD
Alarm events buffer size 1000
Quantity of system events stored in history 2000

Frequently Asked Questions:

This solution will provide Real Time Patrol information with no need to download the Data Reader to a PC. All information is accessed via a secure log in from any PC, or Smart Device.

Active Track has a Motion Sensor for Fall Detection which provides fully automated notifications about life-threatening situation. It is also possible to configure position and angles - thanks to tilt detection Active Track can send alarm signal if the position is outside the defined range.

Yes, a Panic button enables the sending of an alarm signal - data and voice transmission in case of a possible emergency and for lone worker protection.

The Data Reader can be used as a cell phone, using a 3G SIM the user can call directly a previously programmed number or send a signal via GPRS to the monitoring station to call. It is also possible to receive calls with Active Track Data Reader.

The inbuilt Tamper Detection Alert allows you to monitor excessive shock and any attempt to open the device.

If no signal can be found or the signal drops out, some real time functionality will be lost (even with a roaming SIM). In these situation the device stores the transaction locally and automatically uploads them when the connection to the to the cloud server is restored.

Geo-Fencing is the tracking of the users GPS position generating automatic events and alarms with the user crosses the boundary of a pre-determined zone.

Our UK based technical support and repair facility has been providing support to our customers since 2000 and our dedicated team of experienced support professionals are available to assist with any hardware or software related issues. Hot-line telephone support is available from 08:30 to 17:30, Monday to Friday and is free of charge.

Guard Patrol Products

Give us a call today on 0800 817 4259 and one of our team will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and advise you on the most suitable options available to you.

Guard Patrol Products

Give us a call today on 0800 817 4259 and one of our team will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and advise you on the most suitable options available to you.

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